16 June, 2021

Alternate Agenda

Alternate Agenda

AS the prospect of a hung Parliament looms large, there are initiatives f rom many quarters, political and non-political, to prevent the instability that will ensue in such an event. On March 15, Rashtriya Jagriti Sansthan, an apolitical body, invited about 50 eminent citizens to a workshop to shape a national agenda. At the end, it decided to approach political parties with some consensus demands— electoral reforms, denial of tickets to criminals, decentralisation of power to municipalities and panchayats.

The idea behind these moves, say the votaries, is that even if there is a hung Parliament, there would be issues uniting the parties— a common, national agenda.

The workshop follows the release of a 15-page Minimum Programme for National Regeneration by another group of politicians, journalists and economists— including R.K. Hegde, B.G. Verghese and A.M. Khusro. The paper seeks 30 per cent representation for women in all legisla-tures, autonomy to states and local bodies, reorganisation of larger states, institu-tions to deal with...

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