03 August, 2021

Alter Media's enthusiasts have given eco-sensitivity new meaning

Biju S. Balan
Alter Media's enthusiasts have given eco-sensitivity new meaning
Of the three intellectual influences on Kerala’s youth in the ’80s, two met with tragic ends. Paatabhedam, a progressive, radical Malayalam fortnightly, called it quits with its 120th edition, plagued by financial constraints. The second was John Abraham, a one-man movement whose only passion was making cinema for and by the people, and whose death Malayalees accepted with stunned disbelief. Both found little support during their time from the media or the masses. Joining these two conspicuous progressives, and the only one to have survived, were a bunch of like-minded youths concerned at the advent of modernity at the cost of flora and fauna—the single most important wealth of Malayalanadu. Traversing the length and breadth of Kerala, they visited colleges, schools and other institutions, most significantly the numerous libraries across the state, gathering support for their cause—protecting the environment. This went a long way in creating awareness, and laid the seeds for pressure groups that were to form later in this eco-sensitive state.

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