21 June, 2021

All’s Fair In Rajinikanth Country

They say black is beautiful, but the colour that opens doors is still the one closer to white

Colour Combo
South Indian films often cast actresses from north India, with fairer skin tones than the actors’
All’s Fair In Rajinikanth Country

In 2000, Tamil lyricist Pa. Vijay wrote a film song “Karuppudhaan enakku pidicha kalaru” (Black is my favourite colour) that immediately struck a chord among Tamilians. The heroine of the film Vetri Kodi­kattu (‘Fly the victory flag’) sings about why she loves the hero even though he is dark-skinned. The song ends with this punch line: “Our superstar Rajinikanth is also black. Black is indeed beautiful.”

Seven years later, Pa. Vijay gave Rajinikanth the pinkest colour—“a basket full of sunlight and moonlight has come toget­her for my white skin”. A computer graphics-corrected Raji­ni­kanth glittering pinkish white sings that “style is all about colour” as he gyrates with Shriya Saran in the film Sivaji.

So which is the real Pa. Vijay? “Definitely the first one,” he says. “That song asks Tamilians to be proud of their dark skin, wear it confidently as a symbol of their identity and not see it as an insult. Those lines were written from the heart for...

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