24 January, 2021

All You Who Make Love To Mannequins

Global corporate love and its spawn, today’s sex surveys, just mimic our Kamasutra-vintage caste structures

Illustration by Sorit
All You Who Make Love To Mannequins

“Our bourgeois, not content with having wives and daughters of their proletarians at their disposal, not to speak of common prostitutes, take the greatest pleasure in seducing each other’s wives.”

—Communist Manifesto

Our bourgeois, not content with seducing each other’s wives, not to speak of bragging about these and other conquests through social media, also take the greatest pleasure in satisfying their collective voyeurism. This is where the modern sex survey steps in, with a magic potion in each of its multiple arms. As a potent cure for curiosity, it unabashedly tabulates everything: appetites and aphrodisiacs, flings and fake orgasms, incest and infidelities, pornography and partner-swapping, therapies and techniques, turn-ons and turn-offs, sexual positions and satisfaction, virginity and virility. The text is racy, the figures are voluptuous, and the accompanying photographs are, for the lack of a better word, helpful. This way, the elite...



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