12 April, 2021

All The Boss' Men

These are the men Mukesh Ambani trusts more than Anil Updates

Jayanta Saha/ BW
All The Boss' Men
Who All Is In The A-Team

1. Mukesh Ambani
He controls the Reliance empire, and has his key men in the right places
2. Anand Jain
Is Mukesh's key advisor and is the final word on all critical issues
3. Manoj Modi
He is the implementer, who ensures mega projects are on schedule
4. Nikhil Meswani
Is now the liaison guy to deal with petroleum & petrochem ministries
5. Hital Meswani
He looks after new projects, along with the trusted Manoj Modi
Sandeep Tandon
Has snubbed Anil the wrong way in matters concerning his wife, Tina
Inside the Reliance group, he's just AJ. Like the fictional AJ in Blackberry's TV ad, he is also all over the place. He may, at the same time, be negotiating the purchase of family property in Mumbai, finalising office space in Delhi, deciding the schedule for India's first corporate family's holidays. He's the one-man A-team of Mukesh Ambani, chairman, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), who's fighting a no-holds-barred business battle with his younger brother, Anil...
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