15 June, 2021

All Lines Busy

Its direct selling revolution hasn't worked, so Reliance is making a rapid U-turn

Atul Loke
All Lines Busy
  • A leading Mumbai-based broker had promised 70,000 corporate connections to Reliance Infocomm. He was asked to collect the forms from the company's distribution centre. But when his representatives reached the spot, they were given only a handful. Eventually, the forms did arrive, but were a quarter of the amount promised. Even then, they had no stamp or number. Exasperated, the broker gave up on his endeavour.

  • Executives travelling within Gujarat, the Reliance bastion, carry a normal (GSM) cellphone along with Reliance's handset.The latter faces signal dropouts in certain areas, including Jamnagar (where the Reliance refinery is situated).

  • The latest in the long list of jokes that have been making the sms rounds is a take-off on the Reliance promise of "Kabhi mobile, kabhi computer". Apparently, some of the Korean-made handsets heat up fast when used, leading to the wisecrack "Kabhi mobile, kabhi toaster".

    For Mukesh Ambani, it was a midsummer night's dream. One that sought to morph the way we talk, do business, play and live. To bring the world...
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