27 October, 2020

All Lather, No Soap

The PM hopes a few minor changes will send a signal on corruption

Jitender Gupta
All Lather, No Soap

Last week, the nation was promised a big shake-up, an image makeover by the UPA government. We waited, and the earth did shake in Delhi in the wee hours of January 19, but it was because of an earthquake in Pakistan. Nothing really shook at all in the capital when, later in the day, the Manmohan Singh government undertook its long-awaited cabinet reshuffle. It was an opportunity lost: the same tired characters were moved around, Tweedledum moved about a bit to make space for Tweedledee, none of the scam-tainted ministers were dropped, no young blood was inducted.

Well-wishers of the UPA-II government looked hard for the rationale behind what seemed a pretty pointless exercise. It was pointed out that a “signal” had been sent to the ministers with less than clean images and they had “been put on notice”. This referred to the so-called demotion of several ministers. Kamal Nath, for instance, has been moved from the surface transport ministry to the less glamorous urban development ministry. Murli Deora, considered...



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