29 July, 2021

All Is Sorrow, Nothing Else

Our natural state is of happiness and we allow a number of things to encrust it

All Is Sorrow, Nothing Else
My eldest son’s father-in-law is the eldest of four brothers and a sister. They had simple beginnings. They had shared their struggles and small mercies. One brother, probably the most unassuming of this family, had a smile for all occasions. We spoke to each other on this September 6. He said the day was a special one. It was Janmashtami, the birthday of Bhagwan Sri Krishna. It was the birthday of his niece, my daughter-in-law. It was also the birthday (by the star) of my twin grand-daughters. "Most importantly," he said, "it is the day of Ravi’s second birth." Ravi is my son.

For a moment, I was struck speechless by his perception. For three years I had suffered nightmarishly over the accident which occurred to my son in which he lost a vital half of his foot. Many long and painful attempts to obtain an appropriate and functional prosthetic haven’t been successful. Except while inside his house, he can’t allow his foot to remain unguarded without wearing bulky shoes. Which meant...

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