27 February, 2021

All Hands On The Decc

The no-frills, low-budget Air Deccan flights are also a largely no-problem experience

Saibal Das
All Hands On The Decc
I am panic-stricken! My proposed piece on India’s first no-frills airline seemed to have landed with a thud. No, the aircraft did a perfect three-point landing at the Chennai airport, the check-in at Delhi was ultra-fast, and the inflight crew was gracious. But that was the point. My story was supposedly to be on the travails of flying a cheap airline and, instead, my journey began and ended without a hitch. The 225-minute Air Deccan flight surprised me, pleasantly.

On Saturday night, I boarded DN608 with few expectations and loads of scepticism as I had heard horror stories about delays (over two hours in some cases) and cold samosas being served on the flight. I was prepared, actually looking forward to a bumpy ride and a subsequent cynical article. It turned out otherwise. On second thought, maybe I should have purchased—one has to pay for everything from water to food served inside—a samosa instead of a chicken roll.

Well, on the A320 I was flying, a few seats didn’t recline back and a few table trays didn’t open. But then I flew back on Indian Airlines and...

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