15 May, 2021

All Along The Waterfront

Not as proverbial as the Ambani saga, but the joint upward arc of the Adani-Modi graph is striking. So are the grey areas.

All Along The Waterfront

In The Eye Of The Storm

  • AAP attack Arvind Kejriwal’s party wants an investigation into Narendra Modi’s “closeness” to Adani, dubbing him the corporate backer of the BJP’s ‘PM candidate’. Photos of Modi using the group’s corporate jets are doing the rounds.
  • Cheap land Adani has been accused of getting massive pieces of government land in Mundra dirt cheap (often as low as Rs 1 to Rs 16 per sq mt) when the official rates are much higher.
  • Green norms Another persistent charge is that the Modi government looked the other way while Adani built massive infrastructure projects in the state without getting green clearances.
  • CAG Scrutiny The CAG report on Gujarat reveals that the government was supplying expensive GSPC gas at cheap rates to the Adani group. Between 2006-09, this cost the exchequer Rs 70.5 crore.
  • Wharton withdrawal Adani withdrew its sponsorship for a Wharton Forum...

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