18 June, 2021

All Ain’t In The Family

When it comes to political loyalties, families remain divided

Priyanka Rai
All Ain’t In The Family

This poll season, the situation at Subhash Rai’s six-member household in Varanasi, the arena of a battle royale most extraordinary, got a little more complicated than usual. Rai, 35, a real estate agent, is a recent convert to the Aam Aadmi Party. His elder brother Sanjay, 44, a small-time businessman, is steadfastly holding on to his BJP loyalty. Their wives, Roshan and Anjana, are voting Congress and BSP due to old fam­ily ties, like the two senior Rais are going to go with the Trinamool Congress and local party Qaumi Ekta Dal. If this is the most polarised election India has seen in recent times, the split seems to have reached right into homes.

“My brother and I were both BJP loyalists, but the dynamics have changed so dramatically this year. I have become a big fan of Arvind Kejriwal and the stand he has taken against corruption. And after he decided to contest from Varanasi, I switched camp,” says Subhash, who has been following Kejriwal around on his campaign trail for a while now. Dinner table conversations at the Rai home in Sunderpur have...

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