24 September, 2020

All About Coke

All About Coke
  • It costs between Rs 2,500 and 3,500 a gram. But some pure forms are rumoured to cost between Rs 8,000 to 10,000 per gram
  • It's called the queen of drugs because of its price and the quality of the high.
  • It is a white powder that best resembles Glucone D
  • It can be snorted as a powder, or vapourised and inhaled, eaten or injected.
  • 100 mg of coke is what is usually taken at one go. The effect can last up to six hours for new users. 200 mg at one go could be fatal.
  • The effect is swift as the user feels highly energised and confident. There is a feeling of euphoria. The composure of the user will not seem to be perceptibly different. In fact some one-time users say they have wasted money.
  • It's said to enhance sexual performance though some men claim they do not get an erection after use.
  • Regular users suffer a "crash", giving them a sinking feeling which is rectified when they have a little more snort.
  • Though physical withdrawals are absent, the psychological craving is huge.
  • It's not produced in India. It's brought into the country from the west,...


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