24 July, 2021

All Aboard!

Recovering hastily from the EC judgement, Modi begins his election campaign in right earnest, as does Vaghela. More Coverage

All Aboard!
When Gujarat goes to the polls on December 12, it will be no ordinary election. Many in Gandhinagar see it as a watershed, one that could well determine the future political strategies of the BJP and the Congress. And it is not the BJP alone which will discover how far communal polarisation works. The elections will also be a test for the Congress, which carries on its head the accusation of playing minority votebank politics. Casteism will also rear its head like never before with the state going to the polls for the first time without an upper-caste Patel spearheading the campaign on either side.

While the two main contenders—the BJP, led by Narendra Modi, and the Congress, by Shankersinh Vaghela—exude confidence, not many in Gandhinagar would risk predicting the outcome of the coming assembly elections. For one, there are far too many complex caste and communal elements to consider. Then there is the dissent factor plaguing both parties that is likely to impact the final result. It is also difficult to gauge the actual fallout of Godhra, the violence that followed and...

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