27 July, 2021

Alex Gielbaum

The sous chef of Delhi’s Le Bistro Du Parc on the Good France Festival, a celebration of French gastronomy across five continents

Alex Gielbaum

What was unique about Gout de France, led by world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse?

It was a celebration of French cuisine across the world, a niche experience laying out completely new and innovative dishes.

Do you think French cuisine is gaining more popularity in India?

Slowly, the Indian palate is changing.... In fact, 48 restaurants from India participated.

Is French food still perceived to be too fancy or intimidating?

Well, you won’t just go to a restaurant to pick up panfried seabass with squid ink dust and mango rougaille, as you would a pizza. But now chefs are trying to make dishes contemporary and fun, without compromising on their true essence.

So, is the bistro-style for French cuisine ratcheting up popularity charts?

It’s about achieving the perfect balance between classic techniques and contemporary flavours. So, the dish should appeal to you whether you are a connoisseur or newcomer.

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