18 June, 2021

Akbar Ahmad Dumpy

On his return to the Congress party after a decade

Akbar Ahmad Dumpy
Why did you leave the BSP for the Congress?
Paan ki dukaan se department store aiye hain.

But you had quit the Congress with Maneka?
I stood by her when Sanjay died. I was expelled from the party in March '82 because both of us had a meeting of the Sanjay Vichar Manch in Lucknow. In '89 I rejoined after making up with Rajiv. Two years later, I left the party. I was influenced by Kanshi Ram to join the BSP.

The Congress hasn't made much of your return?
I am an ordinary worker. Why should there be any fanfare?

What's with you and the women politicians? You seem to be getting along fine with the men?
Maybe because I am a strong person. I got along well with Indiraji, it was only because of circumstances that we parted ways. I got along well with Maneka and behenji.

What went wrong then?
Last December Kanshi Ram declared Mayawati as his heir. It became clear that the bsp stood for Behenji Sabkuch Party. And it stood again for Behenji Sabkuch Paisa. I don't think there is one candidate who hasn't given...

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