12 May, 2021

A.K.A. Poopcee Maxi

The story of a how a feeding bottle salesman started a private port

Illustration by Sorit
A.K.A. Poopcee Maxi

I’m always amused when I’m invited to speak at premier management institutions like Wharton and London Business School. Imagine a college dropout being asked to speak at such prestigious institutions. It’s a huge honour and opportunity to say a few words to aspiring youngsters on coping with the challenges life throws at you; to encourage these people to go through life with bold initiatives and innovative solutions. Although a Gujarati-medium education hindered my communication skills in English, I’ve never let embarrassment be a roadblock in my life. The one thing I’ve never lacked is confidence and courage of conviction.

I’ve always believed vision, wisdom and dynamism are no one’s monopoly as we can find these in anyone—from 15 to 75. I’ve never had any doubt that dreams can become a reality if you have a focused and honest commitment. You have to have fire in your belly to excel without having to succumb to any qualitative compromise. You don’t need to be part of any top...

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