27 July, 2021

Ajit Pawar

You just can’t keep a good Pawar down, even if he’s only No. 3 in the family hierarchy...

Illustration by Sorit
Ajit Pawar

You just can’t keep a good Pawar down, even if he’s only  No. 3 in the family hierarchy (after Sharad kaka and Supri­yaben.) Look at all the dailies, Pawar play held its own against even the WikiLeaks as well as Modi bhashans. Not a mean achievement, though one smart alec headlined a report, ‘Ajit Eats Crow’. Let me tell you now that even in the worst drought-affected regions of my state, no one eats crow. It is against the Marathi Manoos spirit.

Look, I did say in public I was sorry for the biggest blunder of my political life but then all politicians make one monumental blunder at one time or another. My intentions were honourable, you must know that. As irrigation and water resources minister, I was taught that dam water was for the sugar barons’ lands, cotton fields, swimming pools of our friends and so on. Dam water was never sup­p­osed to be drinking water or irrigation water. Under such circumstances, my most practical solution was to offer to pee into the dam.

Nations like Israel and Saudi Arabia convert...

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