18 May, 2021

Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth Dhanush

The director and dancer on life as a superstar child and wife, and her first book, Standing on an Apple Box.

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Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth Dhanush

As a superstar’s kid, now life as Dhanush’s wife, you’ve had a roller-coaster ride.

Yes, I have lovely memories; It has been two meaningful roles to play.

And yet, you come across as very down-to-earth.

Thank you. My parents emp­hasised simple living and high thinking, and, luckily, so does Dhanush.

But you are a big critic of your father!

I would say so, but I am never unreasonable.

You say the book is autobiographical. Aren’t you too young to write a memoir?

It’s not autobiographical. It’s simply sharing memories and moments!

You’ve written film scripts; how different was writing a book?

Writing it was easy. I did not have to make up things and work on description. I wanted it to read as real as possible.

The book’s divided into three parts: daughter, wife and mother. Which part was most challenging?

None, as I was just putting down experiences. The...

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