23 October, 2020

Age Of The Zippie

S/He's Liberalisation's Child, living for today, spending like there's no tomorrow and at peace with its transience

Sanjoy Ghosh
Age Of The Zippie
Finally, India has its own age cohort to flaunt. America's had a few, such as the baby-boomers from the '60s and the Vietnam generation of Flower Children. We did too. The midnight's children, for one. But the time has come to usher in the Liberalisation Children, characterised by a complete absence of guilt about making money and spending it. As such, they may not wait to be ushered in. They could simply walk in and take over.

You would find a statistic sprayed all over this Outlook issue: 54 per cent of our population is below 25. Here is some more. Forty-five per cent of the population is below 19. Even the oldest of them were just seven when liberalisation happened. Six out of 10 households have at least one Liberalisation Child.

In the next four to eight years, they'll hopefully become earning hands and influence household decisions. "This is the first non-socialist market economy generation, growing up in the thick of the information revolution, the connectivity boom, coalition politics, IT-enabled everything and the rise of the service economy. As this...


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