02 August, 2021

Against Idiotisation

There is a creed that refuses to be opiated by the TV and has built fulfilling homes without it

Against Idiotisation
If TV is the new god, then Manju Mulmule, a former Mumbai-based teacher, is godless. It's because she hasn't had a TV in the past seven years. "It makes you waste a lot of time," says Mulmule, who pursues other gainful hobbies like studying music full time. Mulmule believes that if there is no TV you automatically begin to spend time on self-improvement. "As a Ramakrishna devotee my knowing or not knowing about world events won't make any difference to my life," she says. Mulmule is not a lone TV-agnostic in a country opiated on the idiot box. T.K. Hareendran has been TV-less for the last six years. "It's a conscious decision," says the Delhi-based artist, "because TV is a medium that generalises imagery and provides for only superficial curiosity."

Mulmule and Hareendran are members of a small but growing tribe of people who've decided to give the snub to the boobtube. It takes immense effort though not to succumb to TV's seductive charms. Admits Delhi-based businessman and TV refusenik Ishmael Chawla, who finally dumped his set in his cupboard, "The moving image is so...

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