06 May, 2021


A column on the alternate aspirations of celebrities

Humans have always fascinated me—the way they are, the way they carry themselves. The human body intrigues me. That’s the reason why I always wanted to become a doctor. Also, as a student I always loved studying zoology. I wanted to take up science for higher studies but changed my mind and took up architecture as my area of specialisation. In my school, I didn’t just do well academically. I was equally good at singing, dancing and took part in every activity other than sports.

Even in those days I had the body language of a model. In fact, my friends used to pull my leg for striking a pose all the time. I had a particular style of walking and everybody used to tease me for the way I used to hold my hands. They used to call me "baby doll". I realise now that my decision to go in for modelling was also part of my fascination with human beings. So is acting. Portraying so many different kinds of characters on screen allows me to study the human nature and psychology. I am glad that I’m still indulging in my interest for human beings even though I may not be a doctor!...

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