13 June, 2021


"I'd have loved to be..." A column on the alternate aspirations of celebrities

If I was not an actress, I would have been into business. My friends laugh at me when I tell them this simply because they cannot relate me with it. But I insist that if I was not into films, I would have probably been working in my dad’s company—he has his own factory which supplies pilfer-proof bottle caps and other such related items to pharmaceutical companies. Earlier it was also into fabrication but we stopped manufacturing when the steel prices started soaring.

I think I would have made a really bad businesswoman, but it would have been my foremost option. When I was in school, I dreamt of pursuing something entirely different—I wanted to be a volleyball coach. I was forever playing volleyball. No wonder I turned out to be the tallest girl in the class. Once in college, volleyball went for a toss. Beauty contests were "in" those days, and I seriously started thinking of a career in modelling.

I participated in a couple of beauty contests and, believe it or faint, I was rejected all the time. Thankfully, films happened and things changed for the better....

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