13 June, 2021


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If I weren’t a director, I’d be an architect. I’ve always enjoyed creating things out of nothing. When I see blank walls, rooms or spaces, my mind throws up visuals of what I can do with them. I have a very definite visual sense and I can create images in my mind with extreme clarity. I love interiors, I love textures and materials. I love the thought of using and designing spaces. It’s almost as if inside my mind a variety of colours and textures are waiting to be put together in harmony. This love for design gets reflected in all my films, from Khamoshi to Devdas. In my films, interiors get primary importance.

I’m completely occupied with the way a set looks, the way materials can transform interiors and walls to give them a distinct ambience. My hands itch to do up a new house. I’ve done up my own home and I keep changing the decor, every few days you’ll find that the furniture has been moved.

I keep rearranging things to see how it can transform a room. It’s almost unconscious, my mind keeps me alive by making me visualise things. As told to Lata...

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