05 August, 2021


"No one disturbs me when I am with my horses or am listening to Beethoven" P.R.S "Bikki" Oberoi Vice-chairman & MD, East India Hotels

The fact that I spend most of my time at our hotels rarely gives me any chance to enjoy life at home. Hence, every time I am close to finishing my work, I try hard to return home to enjoy life. But invariably that does not happen and I end up working late. In fact, I work for long hours from my home as well. As a result, I reach office equally late. And then there is my travel schedule.

In fact, I stay at home approximately 120 days a year, the rest is outside—either in India or abroad. So my ideal after-hours are the weekends only. That’s the time when I am truly myself, enjoying life with my thoroughbred polo horses at the farm. They are my life, my passion and I cannot imagine life without them.

I have five of them at my farmhouse. I don’t socialise because I do not have the time. So I spend quality time with my horses and listen to Western classical music (Beethoven, Bach). No one disturbs me then.











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