21 June, 2021


"I love playing with my son. That's when I feel like Aamir Khan in Lagaan." K.L. Muralidhara Head, American Express TRS (India and Area Countries)

I keep relatively strict hours at office, and my hours at home are thus, flexible. I’m an early riser and often just after dropping my son (along with his classmates) to school in a car pool, head straight for the office around 7.30 am! That’s a pretty cool time for me to start work and interact with my colleagues in South East Asia. As I start early, I try to come back home on time (unless serious meetings hold me back). Once I am home, it’s a time for complete relaxation. My wife and I share a passion for books. I also enjoy travelling with family whenever I find time and like "short escapes" on weekends. Stag party is not my scene—business or social.

I love to take my wife and son to all do’s. I love playing with my son. That’s when I feel like Aamir Khan—like a teamleader in Lagaan. It could be a game of cricket, chess or even football. I am also a trained mridangam player but as I cannot find time to play the instrument, I listen to some classic Carnatic music instead. And when I am engrossed in my music, there’s nothing else for me. The after...

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