04 March, 2021

After The Circus

Victims of the inhuman CWG beautification drive live in despair

Jitender Gupta
After The Circus

Off With Their Rights...

  • As many as 3 lakh slum dwellers in Delhi were evicted before the Commonwealth Games
  • When a family is evicted, each member loses many rights—the rights to livelihood, shelter, health, education etc
  • Of some 60,000 beggars on Delhi streets, more than 50,000 were removed for the Games


Forget the razzle-dazzle and the hype over the recently concluded Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Delhi. The human cost—paid, as always, by the poor—has been mind-boggling, the extent and force of its effects far greater than the corruption which has been in the media’s focus. According to the Delhi Shramik Sangathan, quoted in the exhaustive report prepared by the internationally reputed Housing & Land Rights Network (HLRN), in the five years from 2003, when India won the bid to be the host for the Games, close to 350 slum clusters housing three lakh people were demolished in Delhi. Most of these...

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