15 May, 2021

Adonis XI, All Out

Uptight ’n canny, today’s brand delivery boys are no sex gods

Adonis XI, All Out

“Indian actresses are chickens. They just want to get laid.” Did the former Pakistani sex god Imran Khan say this in an interview several decades ago? We don’t know, though several reports cite him saying he was misquoted. But what does a girl today say to captain cool, India’s skipper M.S. (Mahi) Dhoni, when he airily says, “Whenever I would go biking and stop at red-light areas, they came to me.” He meant star-struck people at the red light traffic signal!

Imran’s cover-up and Mahi’s goof-up is perhaps a daffy story of the beginning and end of cricketers and copulation in this country, but let’s face it, boys in white are no longer snazzy. They may top the charts in the popularity sweepstakes, earn hundreds of crores of rupees, have maximum exposure and media coverage, heroic status and global recognition, but sorry boys, you’ve lost your pizzazz. In the crowded celebrity circus, you are just as famous as the next celeb, just grotesquely richer, glitzier and flashier. For...

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