08 March, 2021

Adam's Eventide

A silent enemy may be robbing Indian males of their best years. It's a social health crisis we didn't even know about.

Madhu Kapparath
Adam's Eventide
And You Are Not Alone
  • A recent study of 40-plus Indian men found that almost 75 per cent experienced lower energy levels, handled stress poorly, suffered exhaustion and sexual dysfunction.

  • A man’s social and professional responsibilities peak after 40. Yet this is precisely the age when andropause strikes.

  • The age at which andropause occurs is declining; lifestyle factors like stress, high expectations from life, bad diet and lack of exercise contribute.

  • Andropause societies in the UK and Canada now recommend monitoring of men’s health from age 30 onward. Earlier it was believed necessary only after age 50.

Tired and irritated in office all the time? Or often sleepless? Or maybe you have grown a paunch recently? This time it may actually not be the grouch in the corner office who's making you miserable. If you are male and over 40, chances are, you are a victim of andropause, the latest big scare from the medical world. It is a condition that is afflicting men worldwide, no matter what their race, financial or...

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