25 February, 2021

Adam, Eve Aur Woh

A dose of infidelity as medicine for a weakening marriage? Pass the wine.

Illustration by Sorit
Adam, Eve Aur Woh

I have often found that being unmarried doesn’t preclude you from the intimacies of the domestic lives of your friends. Certainly if they can throw you a life jacket as you navigate the stormy waters of the single life, you are obliged to push their boat along the placid stream of domesticity. Couple friends in many ways mirror one’s view of parental relationships. To put it simply, you don’t really want to be sitting on their couch and thinking about their sex life. It’s just not very comfortable. And usually they spare you the details. However, it’s when they are not having sex that you are brought into the mix. So when my friend told me she wasn’t really into it, I reacted with rehearsed incredulity, which is now my artful defence when accosted by sexual forwardness—be it in adult or child. How can you have a good marriage and not be into it? Quite clearly, you can. She loves her husband, they have great conversation, they just don’t have great sex. Having perceived neither in sexual avatar, I...

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