22 April, 2021

Adam Bites The Tin Can

Garden-fresh? No... but the cornucopia of processed foods now available isn’t all evil.

Prabhjot Singh Gill
Adam Bites The Tin Can

Powder For Thought

Plus factors: Ease of use, longer shelf life, and health benefits.

  • Dehydrated foods Garlic powder, ginger powder, tomato powder, corn powder, onion powder. These drastically reduce time taken to thicken and flavour curries.
  • Flavours Dried mango powder (not amchur), amla powder, broccoli powder, green chilli powder. Are easier to handle in shakes, salads and purees.
  • Health supplements Ready-to-eat ayurvedic or unani formulations like powdered
    chyawanprash have new appeal for younger consumers. Ready-to-cook khichri and soya flakes are for those who have forgotten the traditional recipes.


What could amount to a cruel, unusual punishment—a diet of fruit powders, vegetable extracts and herbal essences instead of the real thing, fresh food—has instead become a staple among yuppies wanting to eat healthy. A whole array of new foods...

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