28 July, 2021

Ace Ventura For A Finicky Buyer

Technology-focussed venture capitals are driving the new generation of best-selling brands in the market

Pick Up The Slack
The conusmer is now spoilt for choice
Ace Ventura For A Finicky Buyer

Varun Alagh remembers how he and his wife, as new parents, would scrutinise labels on every baby product they purchased, and being unimpressed with what they saw. That was four years ago. They run their own baby care brand now, Mamaearth, selling about 50 different products certified as toxin-free—lotions, washes, shampoos, diaper rash creams— to a new breed of Indian consumer with a big appetite for choice, finicky even, and with a willingness to spend.

Their bestselling products currently are mosquito repellents, a fluoride-free natural toothpaste for kids aged 10 and below, and a tummy roll-on for babies which uses the old Indian remedy for colic—coconut oil. “There is a large section of market which is clearly looking for healthier, more natural options and those people need to be reached out to with the ass­ortment that we have,” says Varun, 35, who worked with various FMCG companies after graduating from a business school. “Of course, it was a big move for us.”

Mamaearth’s story reflects the changing...

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