23 June, 2021

Abhishek Bachchan

On Raavan, his third Mani Ratnam film after Yuva and Guru

Abhishek Bachchan

You seem to be Mani Ratnam’s favourite.

I’m blessed to have done three films with him when anyone would give a limb to do even one. I don’t analyse these things. I just enjoy them as they come along.

What have you learnt from him?

Mani is a wise man. I have learnt much from him both on and off camera.

What is the one quality that Mani brings out in you?

I think his understanding of what I can do is wonderful. He gives me work that I never thought I could do. And I do it.

Sounds like a tough film.

It was a tough film. A demanding film—both emotionally and physically.

Guru fetched you huge praise. What do you anticipate from Raavan?

A lot. I expect bigger and better things. Guru was three years ago. I hope I’ve improved as an actor since then.

Do you see the film as a step forward in your career?

Yes, I wouldn’t have done it...

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