02 August, 2021

'Ab Hum Sarkar Hain...'

And since 'she is the government', the former bandit queen exercises the license to do what she likes

'Ab Hum Sarkar Hain...'

SHE'S a rebel without a pause. These days, also singularly without a cause. But that doesn't seem to deaden her desire for revolution. Revolution not of the ravinesort anymore. More like a rabid reorganisation of the regular and the routine. Like, maybe, a change in railway stopovers. Change in stringent jail manuals that keep away all and sundry from visiting inmates. Change of bureaucrats who refuse to budge from the rule books. Change in the attitudes of journalists who threaten to ruin reputations.

Change, change, she wants change...oh what change! From Chambal's dacoit queen to Mirzapur's member of parliament. From law breaker to law maker. From asamajik tatva (anti-social element) to leader of the Samajwadi Party. But the quintessential Phoolan Devi remains the same. Maverick and anti-Establishment. So what if she has been elected to represent the Establishment?

So nothing really. The former bandit queen seems determined to be just as baghi (rebellious) as she's always been. "Phoolan shall not be oppressed by anyone. The...

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