21 September, 2020

A Zone Of Vacillation

What is it about Telangana that makes all parties indecisive?

A Zone Of Vacillation

Telangana is once again on the boil. And the Congress is once again at its best, speaking in many voices, like the prince of Denmark. Its Hamletian dilemma relates to what political dividends will accrue to it from the position it takes. For now, the Congress leadership is trying to reinvent the wheel by stating that the issue of Telangana is a delicate one and that the government needs time. More recently, Andhra Pradesh chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, who had earlier maintained a strategic equidistance on the issue, had said, “The Telangana issue cannot be seen through the prism of politics. Politics cannot be the grounds for the division of the state.  There can’t be any time-frames or deadlines on such issues.” Such procrastination on part of a party in power—at the Centre and in the state—is the very villain in the piece, the enemy of peace. Unfortunately, the Congress seems to mistake indecisiveness for mellow statesmanship.

It isn’t as if the Congress is unaware of the potency of the issue: after all it was included in the...



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