16 June, 2021

A Woman’s New Place

The glass ceiling and biases remain, but a survey indicates corporate India’s ready for a mindshift

A Woman’s New Place

Have five decades of independence changed the workplace for women?
Are more women invading male bastions?
Are top slots still exclusively male?

IS this then the age-old unresolved debate in a more sophisticated format? ‘Women-and the Changing Dynamics in Organisations’, that’s the topic coming up for discussion in February 2000 at the International Symposium on Empowerment of Women in Hyderabad hosted by the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia.

As a precursor to the symposium, the Hyderabad-based consultancy group, Cosmode, conducted a survey among 100 top corporates in both the private and public sectors. About 400 managers-men and women-responded and the findings seem to suggest we may be on the threshold of a radical transformation at the workplace.

Though women managers comprise just 2 per cent of the Indian corporate sector, a surprise finding indicates that senior women executives believe there’s too much brouhaha about women in the workplace. They feel that women, given the right competence and...

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