18 January, 2021

A Well-Stung Bee

An Indian prof's invention rewrites the male contraceptive debate

A Well-Stung Bee

Just as infertility is seen as a feminine foible, contraception too is widely perceived as a woman's headache. While scientists have invented half-a-dozen varieties of female contraceptives, the condom was the only possible non-surgical male 'intervention' against conception.

Till now, that is. An IIT Delhi professor, Sujoy K. Guha, has developed a male contraceptive, which, if successful, could make a significant dent in family planning policies. The phase III human clinical trials, which began last year in three Delhi hospitals, are now being expanded to a few more centres. The contraceptive is expected to hit the market in the next 3-4 months. It will cost Rs 70 in India, Guha says. Patents could take that to about $500 in the US.

Engineer-doctor Guha's labour of love, the new contraceptive is a well-crafted assassin-molecule which literally loves headbusting sperms. Guha, now in his mid-60s, claims his 'spermguard' is trustworthy, doesn't meddle with other normal functions of the body, leaves sexual pleasure and performance unaffected and,...



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