30 September, 2020

'A Wall Can Be Violent'

Arun Gandhi on his motive in visiting Palestine and Israel, and the response to his message of non-violence:

'A Wall Can Be Violent'
What was your goal in visiting Palestine and Israel?
My goal was to talk to the people about non-violence and plant seeds in people's minds. I think I've achieved that.

Many Palestinians told you that both non-violent and violent movements are needed to achieve the goals of the Palestinian struggle.
There were few people who said that. I said no, it wouldn't work. You either accept violence or non-violence. Not both together.

You have been quoted as saying that the separation wall Israel is constructing is worse than the Bantustan (self-governing region) system of South Africa's apartheid regime. Can you elaborate?
South African Bantustans were designed to lock people in and keep them under control. You could move freely only within the Bantustans. I saw the same thing here—the people are locked in cities and towns and villages. It's worse here because people are cut off from their farms, their jobs, their schools. It's economic disaster for them.

The Israelis wondered why you did not describe terrorism as an act of...


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