11 May, 2021

A Tribute To Vajpayee

Advani and Vajpayee often had to steer the party against the Sangh parivar tide Updates

Sandeep Adhwaryu
A Tribute To Vajpayee
There is a monotonous predictability to politics that makes it very similar to the natural sciences. This is one profession that has no place for any noble sentiment, be it charity, generosity or unselfishness. The only coin in which it deals is self-interest and that is what makes it so boringly predictable. This is why the row that has erupted in the Sangh parivar over Atal Behari Vajpayee's categorical assertion that not removing Narendra Modi from power for his failure to prevent or control the Gujarat riots cost the party the elections is so utterly unsurprising. The blame game was inevitable within the BJP after the NDA's defeat last month.

Vajpayee's remark has been interpreted in some quarters as a belated attempt by a defeated prime minister to shift the blame for the defeat onto someone else's shoulders. But in truth, Vajpayee had been provoked to respond by a spate of attacks upon his and Advani's leadership that had begun within hours of the shock defeat. His remark in Manali immediately provoked a counter-attack by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Vishnu Hari...

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