29 July, 2021

A Tough Lion's Share To Have

A Tough Lion's Share To Have
Madhya Pradesh may have a bleak wildlife conservation record, nevertheless it’ll soon have lions from Gujarat’s overpopulated Gir to take care of, thanks to a central government project to save the ‘big cat’. But the million-dollar question is how safe will these animals be in a state where four lions, eight leopards and 23 peacocks have been killed last year alone?

Even CREW(Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wildlife), has expressed concern over wildlife conservation in the state. In the case of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, a trader paid four poachers $15 each for killing a tiger.

Poachers also use poison. That apart, steel traps made by nomadic blacksmiths are used. The current Rs 64-crore project to move the Gir lions isn’t the first. In 1957, a similar attempt was made at the Chandraprabha sanctuary in UP but it failed for want of groundwork and monitoring. This time, though, Palpur Kuno near Gwalior has been selected after a feasibility study.

But, unless the forests are...

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