24 July, 2021

A Timely Expose

A well documented account of the lapses in the hawala probe

A Timely Expose
THE book Bad Money, Bad Politics is a product of investigative journalism. Author Sanjay Kapoor heads the Delhi bureau of Blitz. Admittedly the magazine, with R.K. Karanjia as its editor, has the longest record of work in investigative journalism. They are, in fact, the pioneers in this sphere in the country. While going through the pages of the book, the reader finds an author determined to expose corruption at high places as well as inaction and cover-up operations at different stages.

The basis of the account in the book is largely what the author claims is a 'deep throat' which, of course, is not very difficult to identify. There is also no denying that he had tremendous access to documents from different quarters. It is one thing to have a general idea about a scandal, but quite another to have a documented account, and this is what the book provides.

By way of a 'flashback' on the scandal, the book traces the rise of the Jain brothers and the enormous clout they acquired in the corridors of power, first at Bhopal and then in Delhi. Their list...

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