14 May, 2021

A Thousand Shikaras

Kashmiris are coming home finally, setting up business, prospering

A Thousand Shikaras

After two decades of uncertainty, today a few young Kashmiri entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to light up the business environment in the troubled Valley. Breaking the psychological barriers of fear and intimidation, they have succeeded in bringing to Kashmir a slice of the India growth story. It hasn’t been easy. They have had to reinvent the business wheel, sometimes run their units at night (after a day bandh), even take the occasional attack by goons in their stride. They have had to organise curfew passes for staff, find homes for them close to work. Through all this, though, one thing they have never done is oppose a strike call given by the Valley’s leaders. Here’s to a few businessmen who really are walking the walk.

(Photograph by Waseem Andrabi)

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