20 January, 2021

A Stylebook Of Webpages

The net brings style to everyone, everywhere—and everyone’s buying

Poonam Singh, a civil services aspirant, prefers to get all her clothes from online outlets
Photograph by Nirala Tripathi
A Stylebook Of Webpages

When I was growing up, there was this neighbourhood grocery store that displayed a board next to the formica veneer money-drawer. It said: ‘Udhaarwale khisko, cashwale disco’. Well, I guess it was Mr Grocer’s version of a Jerry Maguire ‘Show me the money’ moment for customers who cra­wled in hoping for buy-now-pay-later favours. I had almost forgotten the  bald grocer until Gautam Kotamraju, senior vice-president for new initiatives at Myntra, reminded me of how our generation shopped once upon a time.

Well, that ‘once upon a time’ is really not that long ago, though it may seem like a different era. In the age of technology, 10 years is a millennium, and two feel like last night’s hangover. This is the period of instant gratification. Do you want a leh­enga? Yes. With lace or sequins? Sequins. When do you want it? In two days. For my friend’s sangeet. And a little black dress for cocktails as well, please.

Ten years ago, that would mean taking out your car or hailing a taxi, driving miles...



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