15 June, 2021

A Star In His Own Galaxy

The first part of the book is pure journalism. The book complete the fragmented picture we had till now

A Star In His Own Galaxy

Anju Mahendru has about ten mentions in this biography of Rajesh Khanna. They mainly refer to her live-in stint with the actor, her own reluctance to formalise the relationship, Rajesh Khanna’s intitial generosity and later spitefulness towards her, and her presence at his funeral. Khanna’s wife, Dimple, gets twice the number of mentions that span the time from her marriage to her estrangement, and covering the possibility of her being party to getting her husband’s thumb impressions on legal papers while he was too ill to know better.

Other women who had starring roles in Khanna’s life (except Tina Munim), like journalist Devyani Cha­­ubal, who boosted his career on paper, and his millions of hysterical women fans are ignored. This, then, is a serious chr­onicle of an actor’s car­eer, acclaimed and recognised as India’s first real superstar. The book packs in information covering Khanna’s childhood and college days, his early friendship and competition with Ravi Kapoor, who would beat him in the celluloid race as...

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