28 July, 2021

A Spy And His Soup

A former RAW chief gets the rules bent to obtain diplomatic passports and immunity

Jitender Gupta
A Spy And His Soup

Getting His Own Way?

  • Diplomatic passports are issued under the Vienna convention
  • They provide diplomatic immunity and other advantages to the holder
  • Many countries do not charge visa fees from diplomatic passport-holders
  • Such passports also ensure priority in customs and immigration checks
  • The officer who helped Chaturvedi get this passport was posted abroad against strict operational guidelines
  • He was posted in the host country covertly and has now been sent there as a declared RAW official
  • This is cause for embarrassment


For years, RAW chiefs, used to a life of anonymity, would quietly fade into retirement after a whole career spent snooping in foreign lands. Some ended up as governors; others took to the seminar circuit and kept themselves busy writing papers or catching up on hobbies. But that wasn’t the course charted by Ashok Chaturvedi,...

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