08 March, 2021

A Spool Of Filth

How Gujarat used state and police machinery to stalk a lady

A Spool Of Filth

The Master’s Voice

Snatches from the taped conversations

Amit Shah: She must have gone. Sahib comes to know of everything.
G.L. Singhal: Sir, our men are there and I am continuously checking the location with the mobile company.


Singhal: Sir, I have seen the place and the hotel. Men are well deployed and all arrangements have been made. The moment she leaves, she will be followed.
Shah: Get it checked whether she is inside or not. I am in a meeting with Sahib, just send the message “the guests are inside.”


Shah: I talked to Sahib and he got to know from someone that they did go outside twice. They went for shopping as well. Our men are not watching properly.
Singhal: Yes, sir. Security has been placed in such a way there that our men have to go there ostensibly to make enquiry about car...

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