31 October, 2020

A Spectre Of Failed Countries

The strategy of nation-states explains the place and action of the Jamaat

A Spectre Of Failed Countries
One may not know about Islam or the Muslims, but one is well aware of the Jamaat-i-Islami (the Islamic Party), an organisation identified with Islamism or Muslim fundamentalism. One may not have heard of Syed Ahmad Khan, Ajmal Khan, Maulana Azad or Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, but the mention of Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi (b. 1903) raises the spectre of frenzied Muslim fanatics storming the heartland of the US and Western Europe. Islamic revivalism has evolved around Mawdudi's prolegomenon, whose interpretation of Islam has influenced contemporary Muslim thinkers from Mindanao to Morocco. He has had an important role in the history and politics of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the South Asian communities of the Persian Gulf, as well as those living in the West.

For Mawdudi, the establishment, realisation and pursuit of religion (iqamat-i-din) means the effort to institute directly the superstructure of social conduct and political action raised on the basis of the divine 'caliphate', the 'divine sovereignty', entirely different from the secular state in all its details...



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