13 June, 2021

A Shout From The Gallery

Not easy to read in one sitting but could make a great reference book.

A Shout From The Gallery

How does one rate a book that is a record of conversations conducted on television? For one, by its content. And as contents go, this one is a gold mine. True, one misses the expressions, the laughter (having ‘laughs’ in parentheses is a poor substitute) and the quick rejoinder. Despite this, there is enough to hold the attention.

This is largely due to the fact that Anupama Chopra is, despite her camera-worthy looks, an old-school journalist. Her research is complete before she starts talking with her subject; her tone of voice is exploratory and interested; most importantly, she is never in quizmaster mode, trying to pull the rug from under her subjects. Instead, she asks them questions that put them at ease; her subjects are aware that she is more interested in them than in projecting herself.

What the book does then is to record for reference some of the art and craft of its subjects, and in the process allow them to reveal facets of their personality. Thus, you sense Vidya Balan’s anger against reports in the press that were aimed at her...

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