16 June, 2021

A Shade Different

After the storm, the calm. A ravaged Bihar finds succour and sustenance in its CM, Nitish Kumar.

Narendra Bisht
A Shade Different
Governance: Nitish Style

The Bihar chief minister's functioning is markedly different from that of his predecessor, Laloo Yadav.
  • Methodical, hands-on approach to administration. Understands nitty-gritty of development schemes.
  • Arrives in the secretariat by 10 am and stays till late evening. Personally oversees pet projects and schemes.
  • Holds durbars where he himself scrutinises public complaints and passes these on to the ministers and officials concerned.
  • Has taken up improving law and order in the state as top priority.
  • Many dons in jail after convictions by fast track courts. Thousands arrested under Arms Act.
  • No Laloo-style flamboyance for the media. Is correct and dignified with the press.


"I am a methodical man. If there is anything on earth I hate, it is genius. Your geniuses are all arrant asses."
—Edgar Allan Poe

Nitish Kumar is certainly a...
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