08 May, 2021

A Serial Killer In Stealth Mode

The awareness about hypertension is lagging much behind its incidence rate

Yoga can be one of the ways to bring down hypertension
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A Serial Killer In Stealth Mode

The biggest obstacle in tackling hypertension, by most accounts, is the lack of awareness about the condition which, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), affects one in five adults globally. The prevalence of hypertension, or raised blood pressure, in India is over 30 per cent, but experts say that checking one’s blood pressure isn’t a common practice yet, even though hypertension doesn’t necessarily have symptoms.

“Most of the time, the symptoms that people usually associate with hypertension aren’t correct,” says Dr Narsingh Verma, secretary general of the Indian Society of Hypertension. He says it’s common enough to associate a hot-headed person with high-blood pressure but that needn’t be the case. “Those with high blood pressure can be calm and quiet and those who have normal blood pressure can be very aggressive in nature. That’s the nature of the person and not blood pressure,” says Verma. Only measurement can determine blood pressure.

“So, our slogan is ‘know your...

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