16 June, 2021

A Season Of High Jinks

If there's one thing Indian MPs excel at, it's primetime theatrics

Narendra Bisht
A Season Of High Jinks
In the chaos and din of the confidence vote being passed in favour of the Manmohan Singh Government and wads of cash being flung in the sanctum sanctorum of the Lok Sabha, one tiny detail was glossed over. American diplomats sat in the visitors’ gallery and watched the two-day proceedings of the Indian Parliament with understandable interest. At the end of the two-day session, the US ambassador to India David Mulford expressed his satisfaction with India coming closer to implementing the nuclear deal. The White House too gave the Indian PM a pat on the back. Spokeswoman Dana Perino praised Manmohan Singh for "soldiering on".

One can only speculate what the Americans who sat through the debate made of the spectacle of Indian democracy. Presumably, even with headphones on, the nuances of the rustic Hindi humour of our honourable MPs would have been lost. But did that really matter? The superpower had every reason to be pleased. As the world’s most powerful democracy watched, the people’s representatives of the world’s...

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